2023 Education Research Grant Recipient

Dr. Laura Vogelsang

University of Lethbridge

Morgan Magnuson (BN, MPH)

University of Lethbridge

Shannon Vandenberg (BSN, MScN)

University of Lethbridge

Exploring the use of Icebreakers in Nursing Education: Helpful or Harmful?

Icebreakers can come in many forms but often share the common goal of promoting interaction between a group of people. Despite the overwhelming positive regard for using icebreakers in nursing education, they may have unintended consequences. This can include highlighting inequities between students or having a microaggressive undertone. As nurse educators, we have observed icebreakers that have prompted students to disclose socio-economic status, academic performance, religious affiliation, physical disabilities, and mental illness. This research project will explore how undergraduate nursing students experience icebreakers within the classroom setting.