Conference 2019 Call for Abstracts is Now Closed

Abstracts are being accepted for oral and poster presentations. Now Closed. 

Abstract Requirements

The same abstract submission form is used for oral and poster presentations. For your planning purposes, oral presentation time spots will be 25 minutes long, including the time for questions and discussion. Sessions will end after 25 minutes allowing attendees 5 minutes to transition to the next presentation.

Poster viewing sessions will be built into the program and presenters will be asked to be at their posters during this time. Depending on the number of poster abstracts that are submitted, we may need to run multiple poster presentation tracks. Presenters will be notified of the day and time their poster presentation will occur.  

Abstracts will be uploaded through the submission portal as a WORD or PDF file. Abstracts are to be a maximum of 300 words. They may be single or double-spaced but should include the following:

  • Title of presentation
  • Indication of scope of presentation- research study; innovation or scholarship in teaching, learning, or evaluation; professional faculty development, technological advancement for use in teaching and learning, etc. 
  • May follow a journal article abstract format (i.e. Introduction, Purpose or Objectives, Methods, Findings or Results, etc.)
  • Demonstrate the impact or potential impact for nursing education. 
  • Reflect the scholarly nature of the presentation.
  • Include 2-5 references that are not part of the 300 Word count. Only one document may be uploaded for each abstract submission, so include references in the same document. 

To submit your abstract, please follow this link: Conference Abstract Submission Portal Now closed. 

For information about the conference, including date, venue, and keynote speakers, please follow this link: Conference 2019 Information