Education Innovation Grant

The Education Innovation Grant is intended to support a project designed to advance learning in nursing education. It can take a variety of forms such as technology, creative reconfiguration of a curriculum or a course within a curriculum, online learning, or innovative clinical experience.

Innovation Grant Amount:

One grant will be funded up to $5000. It is expected that the project will be completed within one year of receiving the award.


1. Applicants must be nursing faculty members who hold Full Active membership in WNRCASN.

2. The proposed project must relate to an innovation in nursing education.  Assessment criteria will include:

  • degree of innovation (newness, difference, value add, etc.) associated with the project
  • impact on student teaching and learning
  • potential for the project to be used as a model for other educators

  • sustainability of the innovation


3. Graduate students are not eligible to apply for this grant to fund their graduate theses, dissertations, or projects related to their graduate work. Graduate students who are faculty members may apply for this grant if the project is distinctly different and separate from their graduate work.

4. If ethical approval of the project is required (such as for data collection to support publication of an article on the project), the ethical review must be obtained and a certificate submitted prior to release of the funds.

5. Budget: Personnel and materials expenses only (conference expenses will not be covered). Please specify if funding is expected or has been obtained from other sources. Approximately 10% of the budget allowance may be moved from one line to another, as long as an explanation is provided to justify same.

6. Grant funds must be deposited into a grant account with the successful candidate’s educational institution. If the study cannot be completed as intended, all grant monies must be reimbursed to WNRCASN. At the completion of the Grant term, all remaining monies must be returned to WNRCASN. An extension may be requested by emailing [email protected]

7. As an grant recipient, the successful candidate(s) will be asked to provide a recent photo and a one page project overview (300 words) to be posted on the WNRCASN website.

8. WNRCASN must be credited with funding support in all public dissemination of the project.

9. Decisions for grants will be based on the quality of the application.


Application Process

Part A – Personal Data

The first part of the online application form asks for personal demographic data about the grant applicants. This information is kept separate from the Innovation Grant Proposal. This helps keep the review process blinded for the reviewers. Only enter project team member(s) names and institutional affiliations in Part A of the Application Form (data entry part).

Part B – Proposal

* In a separate WORD document that you will upload into the Online Application, please compose the following sections related to your project proposal. Please limit the project proposal to a maximum of 5 pages (not including the timeline and budget or the references).  The timeline and budget should be kept to 1 page and the references may be up to 5 additional pages. The Part B Proposal document is to be single spaced, 12-point font with 1 inch (2.5 cm) margins. It is recommended that applicants use the title of the project as a header on all documents with page numbers.

** All proposals will undergo a blinded review by two separate reviewers. Please remove any institutional names from the title and from the text. For example: “The University of Canada educational reform project” may be referred to as: “The BLANK UNIVERSITY educational reform project.”

Referring to a particular researcher at your institution that would identify you or your institution should also be blanked. For example: "Previous published work by the PI has informed the framework for this project (BLANK, 2017)."

*** References / Works Cited are to be submitted with the same identity scrubbing as indicated above. For example: BLANK, X (2017). Title of the paper. Journal, Vol(iss), pp

**** The Rubric the Reviewers will use to assess each proposal is posted on the website as a link under the Awards Tab at the top of the page.

Your Proposal should include:


1. Project Proposal (5 Pages Max)

  • a. Abstract
  • b. Description of the project (be clear and concise)
  • c. Purpose of the project
  • d. Literature review
  • e. Significance of the project - a statement of the relevance and potential contribution to nursing education.
  • f. Ethical considerations (if applicable)


2. Budget (1 Page in addition to the 5-page max, with the timeline) – please provide a detailed budget for the project. Personnel and materials (software, etc.) are allowable expenses. Office overhead (rent), conference expenses, and teaching release are not eligible expenses.  Please be specific with dollar amounts for each line item.  The budget should explain how you plan to use the $5000 award. If you are anticipating other sources of funding, please include those in your budget.

3. Proposed timeline of research (1 page with the Budget in addition to the 5 pages maximum)

4. References –  These may be formatted in APA or some other recognized format. References are in addition to the 5-page limit.

Page Limits

A total of 5 pages maximum for the Proposal (#1a to 1f above) and 1 additional page that contains the Budget and Timeline, and up to 5 additional pages for the reference list. Be sure your document has the name of the project as a header on all pages, with page numbers.  Please do not use authors' names as the file needs to be blinded from the reviewers.

Online Application Form for the Education Innovation Grant

Click Here to Complete Part A of the Application Form and Upload Part B - The Proposal


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