Lifetime Honorary Member Award

The Lifetime Honorary Lifetime Member Award is WNRCASN's highest honor bestowed upon a retired nurse educator who has made significant contributions to WNRCASN and nursing education throughout their career.

Lifetime Honorary Member Award Value:

The Lifetime Honorary Member will receive complimentary Active (voting) membership in WNRCASN for their lifetime. In addition, for the year that the member will be bestowed with the award, all conference expenses such as registration, travel, food, and accommodations will be covered / reimbursed by WNRCASN.


  1. Nominees must be retired from nursing education at the time of their nomination.
  2. Nominees may be Active (voting) or Associate Members (retired-status and non-voting) of WNRCASN.
  3. Nominators must be Active (voting) Members of WNRCASN.
  4. Selection of the successful candidate from a pool of eligible nominees will be based upon a rubric. The rubric will reflect years of service as a nurse educator, years of service to WNRCASN, levels of engagement with WNRCASN, and significance of contributions to the organization, to nurse education, and the nursing profession.

Application Process:

  1. Calls for nominations go out in advance of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) that takes place in February each year.
  2. Nominations will open and be accepted from the floor of the AGM, and close in one month.
  3. The nominator(s) will provide a brief CV and a letter of support for the candidate within the month that the call for nominations is open.
  4. A nominee will be selected by the Members-At-Large (MAL) and Executive Committee and the successful nominee will receive lifetime complimentary membership in WNRCASN as well as all conference expenses covered for the following year’s conference where the award will be bestowed upon the successful nominee.
  5. The online application portal will open on the WNRCASN website on the day of the Annual General Meeting held during the Annual Conference in February each year.
  6. The portal will allow for demographic input of the Nominator(s) and the Nominee.
  7. There will be upload links to upload the Nominee’s brief CV as a WORD or PDF document as well as upload links for up to three letters of support.
  8. The application portal for this award will close 30 days after it was opened (usually the 2nd or 3rd week in March each year).
  9. The MAL and Executive Committees will be sent the application materials for each nominee to review. The committees will meet via teleconference by April 30th to discuss and vote for a nominee to receive the Lifetime Honorary Member Award.
  10. The successful nominee will be notified by June 30th and arrangements for lifetime complimentary membership will be made by the Secretary/Treasurer of WNRCASN.
  11. As an award recipient, the successful candidate will be asked to provide a recent photo and a one page biography (300 words) to be posted on the WNRCASN website.
  12. The following Fall term (Sept to Dec), arrangements will be made for the Honorary Member to attend the AGM and Annual Conference of WNRCASN where the award is to be bestowed. The Honorary Member and the Secretary/ Treasurer will negotiate the best methods for payment / reimbursement of all conference-associated expenses for that conference.
  13. The award will be bestowed on the Honorary Member during the opening reception and awards ceremony at the annual conference.


Online Nomination Form

Part A: Nominee's Data

This part of the form will ask you to input the Nominee's name with credentials and confirm that the nominee is retired. You will be asked to provide, or estimate, their number of years as a nurse educator, and number of years as a member of WNRCASN. You will be asked to indicate their last institutional affiliation, email, phone, and mailing address.

Part B: Nominators' Data

This part of the form will ask for the name with credentials, institutional affiliation, email, and phone number of the primary nominator (nominator #1). Up to three nominators' names may be input into the form. Additional names should be emailed to [email protected]

Part C: Document Uploads

This part of the form will allow you to upload a brief CV of the Nominee. We ask that the CV be limited to 10-15 pages (maximum file upload size is 20MB). You will also be able to upload up to three letters of support for the nomination of your nominee for the Lifetime Honorary Member Award. Letters should be written in formal letter style and include the name, credentials, email, phone, and mailing address of the person writing the letter. Letters should be 3 - 5 pages, 12 point font, with 1 inch (2.5cm) margins. Letters should address and provide examples of the nominee's years of service to WNRCASN, the nursing education community, and the profession of registered nursing. The successful nominee's letters of support will have detailed the significance of their contribution to the WNRCASN organization.

Online Nomination Form for the Lifetime Honorary Member Award

 | Click Here for Nomination Form |

This nomination form will become available on the day of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of WNRCASN during the Annual Conference in February. The nomination form will close 30 days after that. You may return to this page on the day of the AGM and there will be a click-able link in this space to access the form. If you have questions about this award processs, please email [email protected]