2023 Education Innovation Grant Recipient

Kara Sealock  EdD MEd BN RN CNCC(C) CCNE

University of Alberta

Mike Paget

Mike Paget (BFA)

University of Alberta

CARDs for Undergraduate Nursing Students

In collaboration with the Cumming School of Medicine, a digital computer-based platform will be created for all University of Calgary undergraduate nursing students and students attending at respective nursing education satellites sites. Currently, the Cumming School of Medicine utilizes re-playable decks of CARDs, in the form of multiple-choice questions, to support undergraduate medical students’ review of content, in preparation for curricular assessments and clinical rotations. A similar format will be utilized where nursing faculty will be invited to create NCLEX-style multiple choice questions addressing curricular content students may encounter in theory and clinical practice areas.

All questions will be reviewed by members of the NCLEX Faculty Learning Community for clarity, organization, and appropriate levelling of difficulty based on Bloom’s taxonomy. Each student will have the opportunity to choose a deck of CARDs, answer those questions, and re-play as needed. When students are successful or unsuccessful, they will be able to review rationale and locate the textbook or article reference for further inquiry and understanding. There are unlimited opportunities to answer questions.

Low-stakes to non-punitive assessment strategies have shown to improve memory and individual student insight into their own understanding of material (Kenney & Bailey, 2021). Research indicates practice tests improve memory and retrieval of information greater than restudying the material (Carrier & Pashler, 1992; Roediger & Karpicke, 2006). Students are able to recognize gaps in knowledge and evaluate their overall knowledge of curricular content. Kenney and Bailey (2021) discovered practice tests improved retrieval of information for long-term memory but also reduced overconfidence of material.

The overall objectives of creating a digital repository are to support student engagement with the curricular material, increase the level of scholarship and teaching through interdisciplinary collaborations, and provide mentorship opportunities amongst nursing faculty.